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At Lasko Legal Services Ltd., business disputes are problems that need to be solved. Like untying a complex knot, solving the problem requires seeing it from multiple perspectives and unraveling many overlapping strands. When a lawsuit is filed, it usually means the parties couldn’t figure out a solution. But someone still has to. And the sooner the better, so that the business people can get back to running the business.

Most lawsuits are settled. When they are not, it falls on the judge or the jury to solve the problem. But judges and juries don’t solve litigation problems by themselves. They expect your lawyer to help them – by offering a solution that they find sensible and persuasive. Seasoned trial lawyers know that the side that offers the best solution to the overall problem is the side that usually wins.

This is where Bennett Lasko lives. Bennett is a cum laude Harvard Law School graduate and seasoned litigation problem-solver with nearly thirty years of experience untangling business disputes. If there is a path to a successful resolution, there’s a darned good chance that Bennett Lasko will find it.

Unlike most litigators, Bennett Lasko came to the law with a background in math and hard sciences. He crunches the numbers. Because serious business litigation very often is about the numbers – the P&L, sales projections, operating margins, accounting treatments, non-recurring items, ROIs, discount rates, costs of capital, and so on. Pretty much all good lawyers understand the law, but not so many are conversant with the business and financial drivers that can make the difference between a good solution and a bad one.

Bennett Lasko created Lasko Legal Services in 2016 to represent and advise business clients in the many business disputes and related issues that don’t require the resources of the large law firms in which he spent most of his career. Lasko Legal Services offers the same quality of lawyering, but with the flexibility, personal attention, and radically lower cost structure of a small law office. For more complex matters, Bennett draws on a wide network of colleagues, collaborators and subject matter experts to find the right set of resources for each client’s particular problem.

If you need a solution to a business dispute, contact Lasko Legal Services and talk to Bennett Lasko about how he can help. Initial consultations are always free.

Bennett gave me sound, practical advice. Another firm charged me $30,000 for a memo on all the ways we could lose the case. Bennett gave me a plan for how to accomplish our key business goals.
Jonathan H., Managing Director, International Investment Bank
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